Kitchen Scissors Cutter Knife&Board Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Scissors Cutter Knife&Board Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives


Kitchen Scissors with Cutting Board Clever Food Chopper for Quick and Easy Cutting in Your Kitchen and on Picnics as Food Chopper Food Scissors Vegetable Fruit Cutter.


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  • Is it a kitchen scissor or kitchen knife? Both of them! This food scissor with cutting board will perfectly replace your kitchen scissor and kitchen knife, making your cooking and preparing food funny, fast, easy and enjoyable.ou can use it for almost everything – cutting, peeling, opening, which worked flawlessly and very smart.
  • Ergonomic Spring Grip – Our clever food chopper handles are Nonslip and comfortable using, even the elderly and children can easily use. And perfect for preparing soups, salads, fruit plates. you’ll never get tired of handling the cutter. Perfect knife and cutting board replacement
  • Premium Stainless Steel Slicer – Made from the finest material, it will last you a lifetime. Only made from the finest materials, the German high quality stainless steel combined with carbon and chrome will not tarnish or rust over time like most kitchen knives. Pro designed with an angled food-blade that can be used for almost everything, which is sharp and safe for cutting, slicing, and chopping veggies, fruits, meat, cheese and much more.Make your food prepare faster and easier.
  • The best gift for friends and family Safety Latch The one-flip safety latch prevents the Food Cutter Pro from opening and exposing the blade. Also makes for easy storage in a drawer alongside your other essential kitchen tools.




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